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Award Ribbon ID - Help

This site will allow you to search for awards by ribbon colors. This may not seem straightforward at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's very quick.

A simple example

Step 1
Pick a ribbon you want to identify. Let's say it's this one:

Step 2
Identify the basic colors of the ribbon, from left to right. In this case, it's White, Purple, and White. Check to see if it's symmetrical. In this case, it's pretty obvious that it is.

Step 3
Begin typing the first letter of each color you identified in the "Colors" box. Depending on the colors, you may see your ribbon (among others) right away, or you may need to keep typing. In this case, you'll type "wp" and it will show up. (Since it's symmetrical, you shouldn't type past the middle color anyway).

More Examples

Here are some more examples of what to type for different ribbons. You don't necessarily need to type all of it. In some cases, the ribbon will show up after only a couple colors!

Note that although the colors in the Medal of Honor are symmetrical (they read the same right to left and left to right), the ribbon itself is not, since the stars would be in the wrong position if you turned it over. It is considered asymmetrical, and you can enter all the colors (though you probably don't need to).

Color Key

Use the first letter of the color (primary or secondary, plus black, white and brown) of each line in the ribbon. For a red, pink, and sky-blue ribbon, enter: RRB or rrb (it's not case-sensitive).

Black Yes, the same as Blue. It's OK!
Grey Yes, the same as Green. It's OK!
Brown Yes, the same as Blue and Black. It's OK!
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